Coronavirus Global Health Emergency

The spread of the coronavirus is a global health emergency

This whole situation with the coronavirus outbreak is a typical example of the Butterfly Effect. Someone ate a contagious bat on one side of the world, and now thousands are dying on the opposite side of the world because of that.

The coronavirus global health emergency has now escalated into a global pandemic state. The World Health Organization has published an educational video to raise awareness on this issue. The video is presented in the end of this article, so make sure to read till the end and watch it as well to get informed about the latest discoveries and recommended actions.

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) first emerged on December 31, 2019, the world was stunned in shock and fear as people did everything possible to prevent contracting it. The virus originated in China and has impacted the country the most, the city of Wuhan in Hubei in particular. The World Health Organization has now declared a global pandemic which means that all the countries in the world are now in close collaboration between their Ministries of Health as well as with the WHO in order to contain the spread of the virus and put an end to this global health emergency. Many countries are in full lockdown restricting the movement of goods and people through their borders.

The number of infected people, as well as the victims in different countries in the world, has reached staggering numbers. It has become the duty of each citizen to follow distinctly defined protection guidelines like advanced hygiene and self-quarantine.

Some of the countries in which cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed outside of China include Italy, Spain, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, the United States, France, Germany, Canada, the UK, and Russia.

Coronavirus: Origins & Development

According to recent studies the original host of the virus were bats. The pathogen passed from one of the infected bats to a Wuhan resident through the digestive system. Scientists found that the genetic sequences of the 2019-nCoV (the new coronavirus) and these bats shared similarities up to 99.98%.

We have even stumbled upon some unconfirmed information that the bat which contained the pathogen of the virus had escaped from a bio-research laboratory in China and made its way to The Huanan Wholesale Seafood Market. These markets do not necessarily have a lot of regulation, which prompted authorities to ban the trade of live animals in similar areas around China. People engage in frequent contact with both live and dead animals in such areas which makes it easy for viruses to travel from one organism to the other and infect humans.

Some of the most common symptoms that people get of the coronavirus include difficulty while breathing, shortness of breath, fever, and cough. The virus can cause pneumonia, kidney failure, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and there is a chance of death. It is said that the incubation period for the virus is between 10 and 14 days, which is when the symptoms will show up.

Highest At-Risk Groups

Many people are afraid of what the future will bring in terms of the spread of the coronavirus, but the fact remains that there are some groups of people who are at higher risk of contracting it than others. Exercise extra caution if you fit into any of the following groups:

  • People who are highly probable to come into contact with those infected with the coronavirus, such as airport employees and flight attendants
  • People who have recently traveled to China Italy, and other countries with wide spread cases of the virus
  • It doesn’t seem to particularly affect young people, but the elderly and others with weaker immune systems are considered in a high risk range. Most percentage of fatalities has been recordes among seniors, in particular over 65 years of age.
  • People already suffering from other forms of diseases which cripple the immune system such as diabetes or cancer
  • There are no studies yet to show that pregnant women are at a higher risk, but pregnant women should remain especially careful in any case

WHO Coronavirus Awareness Video

The video below is published by the World Health Organization within the scope of an educational webinar which is available upon registering an account on the WHO website. The course and the video itself provide comprehensive information on how to detect, prevent, control the virus and how to respond in high risk situations. You may go ahead and enroll into the Coronavirus training course here.

Feel free to share this article and the video with your relatives and friends. The information could help save lives.

How to Protect Yourself & Your Family

While the general public in many countries is at a lower risk of contracting the virus, and those who do have the virus are being quarantined, it is still a good idea to maintain some of the typical health protocols in order to protect yourself and your family from getting the coronavirus.

  • Avoid contact with people carrying any symptoms of respiratory illness, including sneezing or coughing
  • Make sure that raw foods, such as meat and eggs, are cooked thoroughly
  • The WHO recommends washing your hands with soap thoroughly. Make sure to scrub for half a minute and do it whenever you have contact with the outside world
  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if you can’t wash your hands right away
  • Use rubber gloves or silicone grips to avoid direct contact with surfaces or door handles in public areas
  • Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough and disinfect the surrounding area. You can use the Simple Green Pro 5 Disinfectant for this. It has many active ingredients and is effective in eliminating viruses and bacteria that we come into contact with frequently. It is also perfect for those who have businesses
  • Take your vitamins. Some vitamins are great for helping your immune system, such as the Sambu-C Immune Support with Elderberry Extract. It includes black elderberry extract, vitamin C, and acerola berry extract. These three ingredients will help boost your immune system
  • Stay home when you’re feeling sick. Try taking a snooze under the Elever Weighted Blanket. Weighted blankets have been proven to decrease anxiety. In addition, a nice, long nap is sure to make you feel better.

Check out the Coronavirus: Avoid Illness, Stay Informed, and Protect Yourself book. It provides updated information on all the new discoveries about the coronavirus. In addition, it will give you more advice on what you can do to prevent its spread. We have suggested some books on this topic further in this article.

Types of Masks & Respirators

In places where the coronavirus is more widespread, it is recommended that the people wear a mask. People also should wear a respiratory mask if they have the coronavirus themselves.

If you’re getting an N95 respirator mask, you should make sure that it has been certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). You must make sure that your nose and mouth are being covered and that it fits snugly to be most effective. If you have a long beard, make sure you shave it off before you use a mask. When used properly, these masks are said to be able to filter out at least 95 percent of the particles in the air.

Here are some good options for respirators:

Particulate Respirator Mask

3M disposable protective respirators and masks comply with a whole range of international standards. These N95 class respirator masks are NIOSH approved and are one of the most efficient protective accessories against the viral particles flying around in the air nowadays. Besides the high level of protection, they also offer a secure fit and comfortable wear.

Follow the links for a more elaborate description as well as photo-illustrated instructions.

Face Masks With Teeth & Images

Okay, let’s face it, wearing a facial mask is lame. But does it really have to be? This Korean mask manufacturer has found a way to make those unappealing masks have character and be more fun to wear. Choose between different options for your attire such as smiling teeth, vampire fangs or bear nose and many more varieties. Add some fun to that coronavirus quarantine!

Medical Face Mask

This is a N95 multi-use, multi-gender, one-size-fits-all medical mask that acts as a filter of the breathable air. It can be used in various weather conditions and serves as a protection accessory from a range of diseases. Don’t forget to adjust the nose bridge for added sealing. 

The seller offers a money-back-guarantee and provides round the clock support services.

Disposable Face Masks (4 layers)

This is a disposable face mask which has 4 layers. It can serve as entry-level protection for the face and the respiratory system. Good for everyday use in crowded areas and closed buildings. A nose adjustment bridge offers better fitting.

It is recommended to change the mask every 2-3 hours and dispose of it without touching the mouth and nose area.

Disposable Kn95 Mouth Masks

This is a more advanced option of a disposable face mask made from non-woven fabric. It’s good for general day-today use and can be worn by any gender or age. Attaches to the face through elastic ear bands and an adjustable nose clip. 

Check out the full item description in the link provided.

Sanitizers & Sterilization Products

Facial protection is very important, but let’s not forget about the hygiene of the hands. Alcohol-based gels and hand sanitizers usually come in portable and easy-to-use bottles with special dispensers attached. It is recommended that you rub and disinfect your hands with a proper solution several times per day. Be attentive of what you touch and cleanse your hands as soon as you get the chance, especially before touching your nose, eyes, lips and mouth. Pay extra close attention to your children’s hands, especially toddlers, since they crawl around on their hands all the time.

Read on to find relevant cleaning and sanitizing products.

Portable Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

You know what’s been missing from your bag all this time? Exactly, this multi purpose hand sanitizer! According to the manufacturer, it kills 99.9% of the germs for you. But killing the other 0.01% that’s left will be on your shoulders. Not to mention it’s with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, so what are you waiting for? Click the button below and get this quick before it’s off Amazon’s virtual shelves!

Bacteriostatic Disinfection Gel

The Bacteriostatic Disinfection Gel is, you guessed it, just another fancy name for a hand sanitizer. Although this one also has a cooling effect to it and it’s made of ethanol. It dries pretty quickly and you can carry the bottle in your bag or backpack. It’s always a good idea to arm yourself with one of these when you’re leaving the house. The more you rub the less germs and microbes on your hands that could cause diseases.

The Miya Sudy Disposable hand sanitizer. Now also with a cooling effect!

Sanitizer Gel With a Dispenser

Okay, so this one is the more advanced version of the hand sanitizer since it has a dispenser on the bottle. This alcohol-based solution neutralizes 99.99% of the germs on your hands. It’s just like soap, only it’s much more than simply soap. You’re right, it’s a hand sanitizer, the one you literally can’t live without these days, because there’s the coronavirus flying around the country.

Get yours now! You know how these things just disappear in seconds.

Medical Sterile Rubber Gloves

There’s gay pride and then there’s MedPride, the company that makes these rubber gloves. They’re pretty elastic and will keep your hands sterile from all the pesky and germy surfaces. They’re also powder-free, so if you hate that powdery sensation on your hands when wearing rubber gloves, get a box of these and you’ll love ’em.

Supplies are limited, so click the link now!

Silicone Germaphobe Finger Grip

What does germaphobe mean? In this case it’s the silicone finger grip that doesn’t collect germs. On the contrary, it repels germs and bacteria, stops microbiological growth and the development of any microbiological ecosystem on your fingers. So if you’re icky about dirty places, especially door handles, get this keychain and use it on your finger so you don’t have to touch the surface anymore. Remember to watch the assembly video. Rumor has it that it’s not that easy to put together.

Disposable Disinfectant Wipes

These alcohol-soaked lint wipes come in a special dispense-container. It’s a good idea to have one of these quick wipes in your home, on your office desk, in your car and in other places where you might need urgent disinfection. The 75% alcohol contained in these wipes makes bacteria inert by drying it out and dehydrating the protein in the bacteria.

Pull it out, wipe it clean, throw away, repeat. Check it out on Amazon.

Useful Books on the Topic of Coronavirus Survival

When panic over the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) hits the American store shelves, purchasing a simple hand sanitizer becomes a real challenge. Some adventurous sellers are even betting on the big buck by selling coronavirus survival items at a much higher price than usual.

We suggest evading the havoc and taking advantage of the knowledge and know-how offered in these books. Make your own hand sanitizers in the convenience of your home and at a much more acceptable cost, learn the essential tips and tricks on preparing for the virus and protecting yourself and your family in the most efficient and simple steps possible, get your survival handbook with all the facts, symptoms, treatment methods and much more.

Knowledge is power so we suggest that you read through to stay safe and most importantly to stay sane!

A book on how to make your own DIY homemade hand sanitizer.


Learn How to Make your Own Hand Sanitizer at Home

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A guide to the coronavirus outbreak and action steps


Discover how to defend yourself and your loved ones

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A practical guide for preparation and protection from the Coronavirus.

Novel Coronavirus

A Practical Guide for Preparation and Protection



The coronavirus outbreak is like the mythological monster Hydra with many heads. You cut one head off by containing the outbreak in one country and another two or three erupt as outbreaks in other countries.

So it is the duty of each informed individual to use the knowledge gained here and elsewhere to stop new occurrences. New information and updates are surfacing everywhere around the internet and it’s easy to stay up to date nowadays. Having the knowledge and not acting upon it is the same as committing a crime. So restock, resupply and spread the knowledge. Only together can humanity stop this new plaque.



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