Nostalgia Countertop Hot Dog Warmer


  • Great style & great taste: retro-looking hot dog Roller cooks up to 8 regular-size or 4 foot-long hot dogs at a time, as well as breakfast sausages, bratwursts, taquitos, and egg rolls
  • Stainless steel rollers: five continuously rotating stainless steel rollers rotate 360-degrees for even cooking
  • Canopy bun warmer: the bun warmer holds up to 6 buns at a time, keeping them warm and ready to enjoy
  • Adjustable settings: simple on/off control and an adjustable heat setting that allows you to grill your hot dogs to the way you like it
  • Convenient countertop unit: compact design makes it perfect for small spaces and it’s portable – making it easy to cook at parties or any occasion on the go!
  • Easy clean up: the rollers and drip tray are removable, making clean up a breeze

Rotating Stainless Steel Rollers

Five continuously rotating stainless steel rollers evenly cook up to 8 hot dogs at a time – also try breakfast sausages!

Dual Control Dials

Twist the right-hand dial to turn the unit on or off, then adjust the left-hand dial to control the heat.

Bun Warmer Canopy

Fill the bun warmer canopy with up to 6 buns at a time to keep them warm and ready to enjoy

Keep the good times rolling and the hot dogs for that matter. ook, eight regular-sized or four foot-long hot dogs at a time. The stainless steel rollers continuously rotate to evenly cook hot dogs, while the adjustable heat settings make cooking hot dogs simple and quick. The stylish canopy doubles as a bun warmer, holding up to 6 buns at a time. Take a snack or mealtime to the next level.




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