Smart Towel Holder


This smart towel holder provides a secure grip to your towels to prevent them from dropping on floors.


RICHYN is the smart and stylish tool that holds towels tight and keeps them from falling to the floor.

Tired of Picking Up Towels That Fall to the Floor Again and Again?

Forget about towels falling from ordinary hooks and rings with RICHYN. This smart towel holder provides a secure grip to your towels to prevent them from dropping on floors. 

Reliable Fixation

The RICHYN’s Push and Grip mechanism prevents your towels from being dirty and keeps them out of your pet’s reach. The smart design lets you use the towel without removing it from the holder. Simply click and fasten your towel in seconds!

Have Your Towels Handy in Any Convenient Spot?

RICHYN is several times smaller than conventional tower racks, so you can place it anywhere you want. You can mount it on any surface using a quick adhesive tape or screws. Attach it on walls, on the fridge, on kitchen cabinets, on bathroom tiles, and more.

RICHYN is Eco-Friendly

Our team advocates the preservation of our environment. We actively support the use of reusable materials, as well as those subject to subsequent recycling. In line with this, we use durable, sustainable materials for the production of our product. 

In addition, using RICHYN will reduce your usage of paper towels. This small step goes a long way in saving our resources. 

Convenient For Use By Teens And Children

Easy Installation

  1. Mounting with self-adhesive tape 

Clean the surface from dirt. Remove the protective film from the self-adhesive tape and attach RICHYN to your desired surface. Apply strong pressure against the surface to secure it in place. Don’t use the holder for the first 30 minutes after installation. 

  1. Installation using the self-tapping screw

Thread the screw through the hole in the holder. Insert the screw into the holder using a screwdriver. Tighten the screw to install RICHYN in place.

For Stronghold, We Use Two Special Silicone Holders





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