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Christmas is every child’s favorite time of the year and they wait for it with sweet anticipation during the whole year. They write gift lists for Santa and try to stay nice all year because naughty boys and girls get no presents. Those wish lists on random papers with crooked letters and words written in crayons are just adorable.
Kids are the joy of their parents. Yet unaffected by environment factors they carry an incredible amount of positive energy and love towards everything in this world. It breaks your heart to see them sad or disappointed. So, buying a Christmas gift is a parent’s most important task which should not be failed in any circumstances.

It may prove to be a difficult job to find the exact gift your child has wished for, especially if some kind of cartoon or movie franchise is involved. Marvel or DC figures, Harry Potter wands, Star Wars sets, Spongebob Squarepants toys, movie-themed Lego sets, these things disappear from store shelves like free candy! And let’s not forget the other highly demanded categories such as Hotwheels mini cars and racing tracks, remote-controlled drones, boats, planes or helicopters, as well as tech gadgets, game consoles, captivating board games. The variety of possible options is virtually limitless and finding your head among this mishmash of colors and forms sometimes proves to be quite the challenge. Add to that the vicious stampede of happy discount hunters and annoying endless lines at cash-outs and you might get dizzy. The good news is there’s a much better and more comfortable solution. Put your troubles behind and do your holiday shopping online from the comfort of your home and get your items delivered right to your doorstep. There are plenty of e-commerce platforms out there that offer all kinds of products, fast shipping, discount coupons, loyalty programs and a lot of other benefits. Make a choice among Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Etsy, and other highly demanded websites.
Sometimes you wish that you could plan things ahead and make your life a lot easier. So how to actually try and plan your holiday shopping for toys and games?
Well, we suggest doing your research first at least a month prior to the big date. Start by finding the best-selling toys and games for 2019 and making a shortlist of the possible products that might spark interest in your kids. After you’ve made you’re shortlisted of about 10 possible candidates, try to test them with your children by showing them pictures of these toys or opening a discussion around them with a random phrase like “Have you seen the latest Lego sets?” or “What do you think of these remote-controlled drones?”. Try to pinpoint which ones captivate their interest the most. With the results achieved you should arrive at about 1-2 top options to consider. Make your choice of the winner option
and try to occasionally bring up the toy while spending regular together time with your kids during the next couple of weeks. Don’t overdo it though, 3-4 times per week should do the trick. When the time comes to write a letter to Santa, there’s a decent chance that kids would write about the the toy they’ve been talking about with you during the last weeks. And to help you out on this endeavor we’ve made a special list of the 22 best-selling toys and games on Amazon in 2019. Scroll through and maybe you’ll find just the right thing for your child.
Happy holidays!

1. LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader’s Castle Building Kit

Do your kids love Star Wars? Get them this incredible lego set of 1060 pieces, stuffed with the favorite mini-figures, TIE Fighters and tanks and the ultimate castle on the planet Mustafar where Darth Vader himself dwells.
A great addition to your child’s other Star Wars-themed Lego sets to enhance the action in the battle between the forces of dark and light and add possible play scenarios to their game.

Jump in the fun with your children and enjoy an adventure in a galaxy far, far away with the Star Wars characters that have captured the hearts of several generations. Children of 9 years and older can build the castle according to the guide or set their creativity free by imagining endless construction possibilities.
A ton of move-related features like a TIE Fighter with stud shooters, an ancient Sith chamber with holocrons as well as other secret chambers with Sith relics, Darth Vader’s meditation chamber, a Bacta Tank and a lot more. Discover all of them on Christmas day. Check it out now and don’t forget to pack your Jedi lightsaber. May the Force be with you!

2. Rocket Ship Astronaut Kids Play Tent

This astronomy-inspired spaceship-designed 3-piece playhouse castle
tent will get your kids excited, and who knows, maybe the adults, too.
It’s got everything a castle should have: a specially designed ball pit fir
space educational purposes, a crawling tunnel, a rocket tent to jump
around in and a basketball hoop. The perfect Christmas gift for your
little astronauts, and maybe you will join the fun as well.

3. NERF Elite Titan CS-50 Toy Blaster

Ever dreamed of firing a gatling gun just like Arnold Schwarzenegger
in Terminator 2? It is time to make your dreams come true, and your
kid’s dreams as well.
This is the ultimate nerf gun designed like a gatling gun, equipped
with a motor to blast those projectiles all over the place. More action
and more ammunition with a special dart drum, cooler mechanics
with a spinning barrel, more intensive gameplay with a really high bullet per second fire rate.
And remember! With this baby, you don’t even have to aim. Go ahead and shop on Amazon, and see
you on the battlefield!

4. Monobeach Princess Tent

Check out this beautiful tent for your little princess equipped with all the necessary parts and instructions to set it up. A real fantasy-inspired dwelling for little princesses to play, rest and feel like real royalty.
You can set it up indoors in your child’s room as well as outdoors in your back yard. You can even take it out to a park or a camp so that your girl feels like a real princess wherever she wants.
Ever considered buying her a house? How about a tent? Well, this is your chance, this tent is a hot offer. And if this is not enough for the price offered, they say there’s a set of star lights included in the package free of charge.
Come and get it at!

5. Kid’s Bike for Boys and Girls

Gather round boys and girls and check out this awesome bike for those who are just learning to ride one. It’s got whatever a young sportsmaster requires: a water bottle, a ring bell and training wheels. This bicycle will help kids learn riding bikes easily, quickly and safely due to its stability. It is designed keeping in mind the user and his positive experience with this awesome bike. Get one for your kid this Christmas, plan ahead for spring!

6. Jenga Classic Game

Who doesn’t love Jenga? It’s a great game to have on the table during parties, overnights, family reunions and, of course, during those holiday evenings when the the whole family gets together from the different parts of the world to have that one a special night together, that doesn’t get old. Jenga, just like a bunch of other all-time favorite board games like bingo or domino, symbolizes that connection between relatives and friends: just a bunch of very good people, who love and care for each other, get together to have some fun.
Get yours now and call all your friends to have a Jenga party.

7. Kidzlane Floor Piano Mat

When we were kids, we all wanted a toy like this, similar to the
one we saw in the movie “Big” with Tom Hanks. How about
giving your kid one of these Musical Piano Mats this Christmas,
so that they can enjoy what we dreamt of their age?
Watch your children happily skipping on the notes and making a
the cute musical tune, and maybe you’d join them and spend that
ever-cherished together time.

8. LittleHippo Mella

This is a great friend for your children, a sleeping assistant of sorts.
Emitting lights of five different relaxing colors this night lamp and alarm clock all-in-one set will help you get those youngsters on those days of crazy sleepless rundowns back to bed. Let this gadget do the magic, with its handy design and user interface. Get it in your child’s bedroom this Christmas.
Just look at that facial expression. It looks like as if your alarm clock was taking a nap with Buddha and smiling at you at the same time.
Order this happy face online from Amazon, today!

9. Snap Circuits Classic Electronics Exploration Kit

If your child is into physics, then this toy is a great option to get for this Christmas. Based on the principles of electromagnetism,
this puzzle houses over 300 experiments with over 60 parts. Experiments include: photosensitive electronic organ, a Lie
a detector, an AM radio, a two-finger touch lamp and much more!
Get your batteries and rubber gloves, the experiments are about to begin! You’ll have a ton of physics fun busting your head over
these experiments during the holidays along with your children. A fun and at the same time educative game for adults and children to play together.

10. VTech KidiZoom Camera Pix

Our children are born creative geniuses, there’s a study about this
conducted by Dr George Land.
But as a parent, it’s up to us to find out in which specialty does our kid flourish and go forward the most. This durable camera, made especially for explorer kids, is the perfect gadget for your little genius to try out.
Who knows? Maybe photography is the form of art and self-expression that your kid is the best at.
Get one for them this Christmas and find out for sure!

11. Nerf N Strike Elite Strongarm Toy Blaster

This futuristic Nerf gun is one of the coolest gifts for this Christmas. It’s like a Star Wars blaster or a RoboCop sidearm weapon.
Fires 6 darts, so duck to cover from this hail of foam bullets coming your way!
It’s a whole nerf battleground out there, soldier, and you need to be armed when you get into all the fighting. So, get this awesome pistol that sends darts flying 90 feet (27 meters) and snipe your foes from far away.

12. VTech Musical Rhymes Book

Check out this battery-powered baby toy packed with nursery rhymes, piano buttons, colorful buttons, and audio effects, learning programs, as well as music and instrument sounds. It will enhance the development of micro motorics of the hands and fingers of children from 6 months to 2 years old, providing an educational interactive experience.

13. Clue Harry Potter Board Game

Harry Potter fans grab your wands, this board game is going
to be a bumpy ride! Can you solve the mystery and win the
game? Choose your favorite character from the famous
franchise and get the game started. May all of Hogwarts
castle in incredible detail become your playground for
solving the case of the vanishing student. Correctly define
the three main questions, who what and where, and you will
solve the riddle winning the game.

Challenge your friends and see what they’re capable of.

Christmas is around the corner. Shop now!

14. Play-Doh Modeling Compound

Kids just love play dough these days, and it turns out they’re right. Playdough has hit the market like a brick wall. It provides a creative platform to make-believe and mold anything your kids’ imagination can come up with. Don’t hesitate and get this colorful 24-pack rainbow-colored playing dough today!

15. Barbie Doll

Barbie has a new beautiful stylish red dress for her Christmas and New Year party. Looking like a real flower in this dress, Barbie is simply stunning. Dress up for Christmas together with Barbie just like BFFs and go spend some quality time with your and Barbie’s friends. Your little girl will truly enjoy this surprise present. Get it as a gift for her this holiday season. Her smile is worth everything.

16. DC Super Friends Transforming Batmobile R/C

This awesome remote-controlled batmobile has 2 modes, the car mode, and the battle mode. Launch disk-shaped projectiles at villains and enemies then transform into the car mode to evade the scene. This cool DC heroes-inspired RC batmobile car is every kid’s most wanted Christmas gift! Suitable for ages 3-8 years old.


Build your own log house with this anniversary set of 111 fully wood pieces.
Suitable for ages 3 and above. This was a beloved toy for the older generations which have been reissued so that the younger generation would also, enjoy this educational and eco-friendly wooden log set. You can even try to build a settlement and envision how the pilgrims built their fist settlements end established the United States of America. Build a tall tower, small houses, a bonfire, and a large cabin. Either follow the instructions or mix and match for your own variations.

18. Crayola Inspiration Art Case Coloring Set

Children are so creative; they see the world in different shapes and colors than adults do. Their imagination is limitless and drawing is a great way to let your child’s inner artist roam free. This Crayola coloring set of 140 pieces includes crayons, pencils and washable markers of various unique colors. You can have a coloring match with your kid or just draw different stuff you’ll get an insight of how your kid perceives the world around. Who knows, you might discover something you didn’t know about before. Set your little artists free and help them to express themselves with this incredible coloring set. A great gift for Christmas and other occasions!

19. Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie Talkies

Play the spy game with your kids with this amazingly sophisticated 2-way radio toys. The design is similar to a walkie-talkie, but this device is more sophisticated. It has 22 channels and a light and compact shape for easy carrying. Your kids will love to add this to their spy inventory and feel themselves equipped with different gadgets and gear. Play along and share the fun with your kids. Ideal for school kids to learn about radio frequencies and communication to see physics in real action.
James this is MI6 Base. You have a new mission if you undertake its execution. Over and out!

20. Remote Control Monster Truck Gizmovine RC Car

This is the mother of all RC racing monster trucks. It’s got huge anti-skid rubber tires that make this remote-controlled vehicle suitable for all types of terrain.
An independent suspension system is constructed for added stability and protection of the electronic parts. Kids love driving this RC monster truck all over the place, experimenting with intense maneuvers and drifts.
The only downside is that the 700mAh battery is sufficient for only 15 minutes of play. Getting some spare batteries online and charging them before going out to the park is a good solution.
Approximately 95% of the seller’s reviews are 5 stars, proving the reliability of the seller and the quality of the product.
Check it out on Amazon right now!

21. LeapFrog LeapReader System

A revolutionary tool to help kids learn to read. Just touch the pages of the books with the reader pen and hear the prerecorded letters and words in the interactive stories. There are 10 reading books included with different interesting stories and cool characters, but you can also download content such as audiobooks, sing-along songs, fun facts, and trivia and much more from the app center. This is a great way to combine education and entertainment in one cool product. Learning to read has never been this fun! Get it for this Christmas from

22. VTech Write & Learn

This awesome gadget is a great tool for learning, that will combine creativity and magnetism to enhance your child’s learning potential. There are animated presets to make the tracing activities a lot more fun with lowercase and uppercase letters. As time goes by drawing things gently fuses into writing letters and then words and your little prince or princess gets attached to this toy for education and enlightenment. As a little bonus, there’s a function included, that lets you customize the board. You’ll teach them their names easier and faster by tracing letters in their own names.
Get your hands on it this Christmas at
Merry Christmas!



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